IRide Limo offers a safe, reliable ride with global transportation providers. All of our providers meet or exceed federal requirements for commercial insurance as well as proper registrations with DOT, State, local authorities as well as maintaining proper airport certifications .

Our Technology

What makes IRide Limo unique, we have technology that allows us to send rides across many limo reservation platforms. Once we send the ride to a transportation provider, as they assign a driver or a car, we get the information, and is updated even last minute. We have GPS on every driver, so we know where they are and when they get there.Once a ride is assigned to a driver, you get the drivers picture and info, some places you will get vehicle information, such as plate number, car number, make, model and year. In your account, you can setup when you and how you get various alerts. If you want to know about when a new ride is assigned, when driver is en route to the pick up location, when driver is on location. You can get these via text, email or both. For booking companies, you can see the same info for all of your vip pickups.

Making a Reservation

We have several different ways for companies to book rides. One way is for travel agencies, airlines, hotels and online travel sites to use our api. The api allows you to develop our reservation system into your system for a more custom look for your customers. With all of our connections, you can get a quote so you know the price before you book.

A tracking widget can be placed in your code so you have an actual widget on your website. This is another great way for business's to have a way to book rides, but maybe you dont have a code writer to develop the api.

The best and most direct way is on our website. You can setup your account and create logins for as many people as you need. You can make it where this is one point of contact that gets all the emails and makes all the reservations, or allow each employee to book their own.

You can also download our app. Some people find the app the easiest way to book, especially when on the go.

You are always welcome to give us a call. We have a recorded line, so you can make, change or cancel a reservation.

We also have texting ability. This comes in handy if your running late, flight is delayed, missed a flight or other need.

Are you ready to book your reservation now?

Call +1(877) IRIDE-11