IRide Limo is a new type of reservation system and app that as many of you know, we work with affiliate’s worldwide. We have a global pricing structure which allows affiliates to book rides with operators in places that they might not have know. With our pricing structure built in, it give you the ability to help take care of your customers in other location’s, and know that the affiliate company understands the IRIde Affiliate structure. Please check our our vehicle requirement’s before signing up.  Check out our affiliate location’s.  
  • Companies are never allowed to hand out a business card’s, business contact or driver contact unless absolutely needed.
  • Driver’s must wear black suit with white shirt at all times. A black is acceptable, as we will have IRide ties and IRide lapel identifiers
  • Companies must meet or exceed Federal DOT insurance requirements
  • Companies will have to get with their insurance companies and add IRide as an additional insured on their policy.
  • All limo companies must be properly licensed with local ,state and federal authorities
  • Driver’s must have passed local requirements for fingerprint background checks, that includes proper state requirement’s, airport requirements, along with DOT Physical (if vehicle requires) and random drug screening.
  • You must register with
  • Currently Limoanywhere, Fasttrak, Liverycoach, 2S and other’s are connected, make sure your reservation system is connected before signing up.
  • Come join the IRide Affiliate’s Facebook page, to get more info and meet operators.
  • Come join the GNET/GRIDD User page also, This will teach you how to farm rides through GRIDD
  • For Pre-arranged ride’s IRide charges the typical affiliate fee of 15% or less, depending on the type of ride. Corporate Account’s we will work on less, as most of those will be discounted.
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